On Language and the Modern Male

I’ve been reflecting on the dissatisfaction of young men in the west. I think that in a large part, it stems from the nature of the modern economy. Our jobs are removed from our communities. Upon moving out of home, we are given a choice of either living an a rat’s nest inner city apartment or a commute in traffic for hours from the vast wastelands of outer suburbia. To buy either of these less-than-preferable real estate options requires debt-servitude to the banking cartel, making your life’s mission to pay them, rather than your family, community or your own pursuits. (more…)

The Psychology of Survivalism

Survivalism has hit the mainstream. Thanks to Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers and AMC’s The Walking Dead, the virus has spread (excuse the pun). Now it’s not just Y2K nut jobs and Cold War era bunker builders who indulge in doomsday fantasies – these shows are reaching hundreds of thousands around the world.

Bloody Women

Bloody Women

What I want to discuss, is why? How did a fringe conspiracy movement move into a genre of its own, with a host of businesses springing up selling everything from ‘zombie kits’ to underground bomb shelters, MREs, machetes, firearms, survival training courses – you name it. (more…)