Sensitive Kid

Indie Rock band Cold War Kids emerged on the scene in 2004, with a bass-driven, anti-powerchord, telecaster/keyboard funk that helped reclaim Rock from from the whiny grunge-pop crooners of the late 90’s.

A lesser-known track from their lesser-known album, (more…)

Oh Lordey, you’re a racist

Radfem/Cultural Marxist bashing has been done to death in this corner of the Internet. In fact they have been trolled to great effect by the likes of Matt Forney and Roosh V, who by touching on their soft spots, were catapulted to internet stardom, as every self-righteously outraged leftoid re-tweeted their deliberately provocative satire with zeal. Somewhat shrill atheist video blogger, Thunderfoot has also gotten a piece of the action by calling out the RadFems for what they truly are (hint:they’re not suffragettes). (more…)