The Reality of Survivalism

In the first part of this post, I discussed how the post-industrial world and its associated ills have created the modern fascination with the apocalypse. Since this fringe-turned-pop culture movement is based in fantasy and imagination, rather than actual experience, it has given birth to a number of fallacies.


Riots in Buenos Aires, 2001

In 2001, the Argentine government defaulted on its loans and un-pegged the peso from the dollar, resulting in a swift devaluation. Along with the lead up to these events – high unemployment, unavailability of credit, a loss of faith in public institutions and rampant inflation, more than half the country was plunged into poverty, looting and riots.

After some research on the experiences of Argentines in a post economic collapse environment,  I’ve summarised some of the misconceptions about what surviving entails. (more…)

Gran Torino: Film Review

Muscle Car, Military Rifle: Modern Cowboy

Muscle Car, Military Rifle: Modern Cowboy

As I stepped onto the train that goes through one of my city’s many Chinatowns, I felt like the incarnation of a young Walt Kowalski. This display of demographic displacement vibrant diversity inspired me to write a few thoughts on the film. (more…)