I’m Gustav, I’m 25 years old, grew up in Australia and have lived in Europe and Canada.


I decided to start writing my thoughts and ideas in late 2013 as a way of documenting the the results of my study of and interaction with the world around me. Having left my friends, family and career behind, I was living in a cabin in the woods of Quebec, and came to see more clearly the lies and hypocrisy of the modern world.

There are answers to the questions that are asked of us. Most are too afraid to deal openly with harsh truths, and thus stalk timidly around the edges. I started Treason and Treachery as battle-call, a cry, a claim to a world that we have failed to inherit.

I invite you to join me to fight against the modern, against those who would topple our statues and recast in their stead the false idols.


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