Month: March 2015

Treason and Treachery on hiatus

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, I have been fairly inactive since January. This has been because of a number of things in my personal life, as well as a general ‘stepping back’ from some of the convictions I have held in my brief foray into NRx and the Alternative Right.

After leaving about five articles in draft, I realised my unwillingness to write was due in part to a change of perspective. I am also in the process of reading a number of philosophical works which have challenged many of my held assumptions. I’ve heard it said that wisdom is knowing how much you don’t know, but for me it has mostly meant that I simply don’t know enough to be writing about some of these topics, and want to spend some more time grounding myself in the writing of others.

This year I plan on launching a new writing project, and will likely leave TnT behind. To my modest readership I hope you have enjoyed whatever perspective or entertainment I have provided, and look out for when I announce what I will be doing next.