The Challenge of the Identitarian


Identitarianism, for those unfamiliar with the term, is both a political ideology and general worldview that places one’s extended ethnic family at the centre of considerations of state, religion and politics. It is reactionary, in that it seeks to carry on and revive tradition. It is a direct response to the failed policies and ideologies that since WWI have given the West internecine wars, mass third world immigration, the welfare state and its associated debt crises and Neocon/NATO interventions to ‘spread’ democracy that invariably lead to more bloodshed and enormous expense. It seeks to revive a sense of ‘us’, of community and collective identity, which has all but disappeared in the many ‘proposition nations’ that espouse empty, merchant and liberal values that lead to the destruction of local and regional success and cohesion.

In France there is Génération Identitaire:

In Sweden, The Swedish Democratic Youth:

All over Europe, from Scotland to Spain, Italy, Germany and Ukraine there are also regional movements that seek seccession as their means to reassert their right to sovereignty from federal mega-states the EU that have demonstrated they no longer act in their interests

Predictably, the left has responded that this is ‘xenophobia’ and neo-fascist’, invoking a ‘final solution’:


One of the quotes that is most relevant in summing up their worldview (that of the mainstream left – not Identitarians) from this video is as follows:

“We..recognise(s) no border and see(s) no limit to human rights”

The basic premise of the tribe is that a line is drawn in a circle around a group of people, and usually a territory. Rules and responsibilities are awarded to its members that apply to only those inside the circle. This is done to promote the interests of the group, which benefits the individuals in the group. As these small groups have expanded from Chiefdom to Fiefdom to Kingdom and Republic and grown wealthier, in-group values have been ever expanding. I believe now we are at a tipping point, where the preciousness of group membership, most glaringly in the form of residency, citizenship,work visas and welfare eligibility, has been undermined so much that the ‘givers’ are waking up to the fact that the ‘takers’ have outnumbered them and have government on their side.

The modern liberal state has transformed from its origins as a clan-based leader into an oppressive tool of wealth extraction, social control and demographic displacement that ensures everyone’s “rights” are protected.

The expansion of tribal and family values into universal morality is pathological. If everyone deserves ‘all the goodies’ that Western Civilisation has fought for, produced and nurtured around the world, and we proceed to ‘share’ them amongst every living human, then humanity would slide into a enormous decline. The moral conviction of the left (and what passes for the right) in enacting this dystopic world is galling, quite apart from the ‘White Saviour Complex’ that is inherent in their way of thinking.

I have come across the following problem in the ‘big tent’ of Nationalists, the New-Right and Identitarians. As an argument against further alien immigration, the Reactionary will simultaneously claim that his European culture is more ‘advanced’ than that of the third-world immigrants that increasingly occupy his country. He will turn around and decry Modernism with all of its degeneracy, reminiscing wistfully of the ‘more simple’, kin-based agrarian or early industrial period of his choice that may in some ways resemble more accurately the homelands of the immigrants he protests.

If the Identitarian wants to ‘Start the World‘, should he look to ISIS for inspiration?

While I view this question as cynical, creating a false dichotomy between open borders liberalism or the starving, diseased and war-torn Africa/Middle East, where to from here? I should think A Moral Critique of Egalitarianism is required. Read Alinksy to learn how the Left successfully subverted the establishment in the 60’s. Deliberate local and regional cultural revival: turn off your TV, get off the internet and go out and connect, socialise, create with others in your area. Hipsterism, in the words of a friend of mine is the ‘greatest hits’ CD of culture – a mish-mash of cultural symbols taken out of context to create a meaningless, post-modern panache. But this sentiment does include a revolt against the Modern, and the New Right should seek to capitalize on this to promote the great art, music, clothing styles and languages of an older Europe. In this, history is truly on our side.

Gustav M.



  1. Watching the leftist response video was sickening. It should be re-titled, “A Salute to Faggotry; or How I Came to Love the Burka.”

    This was a brilliant post. I think those on the right are going to have to get radical if they want their way. The left had no qualms over getting radical to destroy the traditions of Western Civilization. The right will have to do the same in order to save it.

    I admire the Identitarians. Sadly, we don’t have much of an equivalent in the USA other than WN, which is not even close.

    1. There is something of ‘Dr. Strangelove’ in their desperate attempt to show how compassionate they are, in the backdrop of riots and bankrupt governments.
      It is telling that the response does not address any question other than immigration – the welfare state, the sexual revolution, the economy inter alia.
      I think it is harder in the U.S (and other ex-colonies) to establish the kind of Zionism that is inherent in any would-be ethno-state. Somehow I doubt a ‘long march through the institutions’ is the answer.

  2. Great post, and a healthy reminder of what is needed. Spontaneous and active social cohesion is vital for any group. It must be alive, not just in the virtual realm but also in the world, breathing and reacting. Being somewhat of a homebody myself, this kind of post is an important reminder. Church is a great start, I go sometimes to the local SSPX rectory which is about an hour outside of my city (Canberra) and it is a different world. Full of bright, community minded (mostly White) traditionalists. Even if you’re not a Christian I recommend Church for anyone if simply just as a place to witness a great repository of Western thought, spirituality and culture.

    Thanks Gustav

    1. I am Christian, although I have developed a dislike to the word’s modern appropriation by Pentecostals and Evangelists to mean ‘Fundamentalist’. Traditional churches such as High C of E, Catholic and Orthodox are some of the few institutions that preserve and practice Tradition. Having been raised in both Russian Orthodox and Catholic faiths, I attend services at both at different times of the year.
      The problem is that there needs to be a youth-oriented movement and I’m not convinced that any universalist liberal denomination (especially Vatican II Catholicism) would commit resources to and nurture such a movement.

  3. “Hipsterism, in the words of a friend of mine is the ‘greatest hits’ CD of culture” – very! well said, and I really like your idea about subverting hipsterism into appreciating the best hits of European culture.

  4. Ah ah ah
    Génération identitaire -> sous-titre sa comm’ en anglais pour les besoins du mondialisme
    On en finit plus de rire de ces fachos de merde

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