Month: September 2014

Our robot future

Robots. How quaint. The word itself conjures up images of 1960’s Sci-Fi predictions of The Jetsons and Star Trek. The enormous social changes imagined by futurists and comic book authors has largely not come to pass. Yet now, in 2014, it seems there are renewed predictions of a robot economy that will displace a large part of the workforce. (more…)

Harry Potter and the Trumped-up Bitch

Those still plugged-in to the hellish 24-hour news cycle were subject to the praise and adulation by the media this week of one Emma Watson (a.k.a Hermione Granger), who made an ‘uplifting and inspiring’ speech to the UN Womens’ Conference to kick off the ‘HeforShe’ campaign, which seeks to rope hapless men into supporting the delusional egalitarianism that will liberate humanity from biology forever. (more…)

Sex is Dirty

Andy Nowicki’s latest memoir, Confessions of a Would-be Wanker is a collection of reflections and personal anecdotes about a man’s struggle with the sexual. Filled with quotable maxims, I found myself laughing out loud to several of his painfully awkward-but-wonderful self-conscious observations that beset this coming of age manifesto-of-sorts. (more…)

The Challenge of the Identitarian


Identitarianism, for those unfamiliar with the term, is both a political ideology and general worldview that places one’s extended ethnic family at the centre of considerations of state, religion and politics (more…)