The Right Side of History

Success may be interpreted as a combination of being content with one’s position and satisfied with accomplishments that are in some way recognised within a broader community. (I don’t recognise the authority of your LARP King – or your WoW level 42 dwarf existence!). I posit that being on the “right side of history” is an essential element to overcoming hurdles and taking advantages of the changes that occur on a major scale around the world. This involves a degree of luck for many who happen to be in the right place at the right time. What I am concerned with is how one can identify trends on a macro level within countries and around the world; socially, economically and ideologically, so as to profit from them personally.

Some obvious examples of macro- or mega-trends could include the worldwide credit boom from 1971 to today, or the partial liberalisation of China’s economy and its subsequent massive growth in fixed asset investment, sustaining a global commodity super-cycle. Millions made themselves millionaires by placing themselves in a position to be able profit from these trends. An example of a social trend could be western feminism with the rise of female workforce participation and the pill came trends like heightened female consumer culture (cosmetics, fashion, interior design), the leftward lurch of politics with their increased political participation, and a changing face of our demographic future.

This won't happen again

This won’t happen again

Those who plug themselves in to the 24-hour news cycle, yet never analyse it to form useful conclusions that are then acted upon are just wasting their time. What then, is the use of being ‘informed’? To demonstrate your awareness of things that have little relevance to your life? Because you have been taught that it makes you appear ‘educated’ or ‘intelligent’? Strings of facts, much like the ones and zeroes of a programmers’ coding sequence, are useless on their own.


Covering all the important issues

Covering all the important issues

If being able to analyse information and identify patterns and trends is the first step, the second is removing the barriers that prevent you from being able to act on them. For example, if you have no money to invest, or no-one to whom you can sell your information, then you will be unable to act upon the investment related trends you have observed. Another major barrier is a lack of mobility. If you are ‘mortgaged to the hilt’, then you’re going to have a (bad) hard time expatriating to a low cost foreign country. If you work 9-5 and rely upon your employer completely then it will be difficult to dedicate yourself to new projects, seek out a sweet, young F.S.U котыонок  while investing in frontier business or taking advantage of foreign tax arrangements.

Empowered Women, Russian style

Empowered Women, Russian style

I have heard an argument against this line of thinking. It roughly goes as follows: ‘Trends come and go but the smart, successful, hardworking overcome them. The cream rises to the top, and you can be awash in everything you want, no matter what time or place you’re in”. There is an element of truth to this. If, as a Gen-X or Millennial, you model yourself on a workaholic baby boomer, say a senior partner at a big law firm, you (along with thousands of others) will go in the draw to win the jag, prestige, house in the Hamptons and a golden watch on retirement. A tiny fraction of those who throw everything they have at attaining this end, will make it and ‘enjoy’ a level of success. But why swim against the tide? As covered in detail at Law School Lemmings, the odds are not ever in your favour. What you would be doing is akin to auditioning for America’s Got Talent. The 99.9% who don’t make it end up fighting to make ends meet in dead end jobs or soul destroying clerical monotony with little scope for progression. Ignoring the world in an obstinate way can work – I see it as a poor strategy.

Is this your strategy

Is this your strategy?

So, you say, tell me what are the trends that I should be considering, great sage you. Hehe. Well to start with, if you are unhappy with the paltry returns of your mutual funds, look into developing industries like biotech, energy or frontier markets in developing countries. If you want to better understand your success or lack thereof in the dating market, have a look at Dalrock, Chateau Heartiste or Roosh. For the cultural rebirth of the Right, go to Radix Journal, Alternative Right or Counter Currents.

Beware of apocalyptic prophecies. These are the preserve of conspiracy theorists a la Alex Jones and ZeroHedge – controlled opposition that don’t offer any viable strategy and exist to whip up fear and paranoia to sell you MRE kits. Post in the comments below any trends that you foresee that have the opportunity to change your environment, make you money or expand your harem.

Do you trust this guy?

Do you trust this guy?

Gustavo M.





  1. I’m abandoning Zerohedge. I’ve read it since it launched and lately it’s become a hive of depressives and financial millenarians.

    I’d add Stefan Molyneaux of Freedomain Radio to the “Cultural Rebirth” category.

    He’s certainly not for everybody (e.g. atheist, anarcho-capitalist, red-pill).
    He focuses on philosophical and cultural means of opposing statism such as homeschooling, ending child abuse, anarcho-capitalism, and men’s rights. He posted a youtube video 6 years ago which proved that reading/worrying about politics is a total waste of time(as you state above):

    He started off just talking about objectivism and then grew into an an-cap\end-child-abuse crusader. Lately he’s been on a red-pill kick similar to Chateau Heartiste and Derbyshire.

    1. Glad to hear that about Zerohedge – millenarian is exactly what they are.Molyneaux has some good insights into relationships, social trends and the economy, and has an enormous audience. There’s also the Ancap/child smacking wackiness that makes the whole thing feel like a cult.

  2. Molyneux, Tim Ferris, and Pat Flynn are why I’m sitting at home posting here while working on my own business instead of nursing a hangover at work while reading NRO and Rightwingnews.

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