Month: July 2014

The Reality of Survivalism

In the first part of this post, I discussed how the post-industrial world and its associated ills have created the modern fascination with the apocalypse. Since this fringe-turned-pop culture movement is based in fantasy and imagination, rather than actual experience, it has given birth to a number of fallacies.


Riots in Buenos Aires, 2001

In 2001, the Argentine government defaulted on its loans and un-pegged the peso from the dollar, resulting in a swift devaluation. Along with the lead up to these events – high unemployment, unavailability of credit, a loss of faith in public institutions and rampant inflation, more than half the country was plunged into poverty, looting and riots.

After some research on the experiences of Argentines in a post economic collapse environment,  I’ve summarised some of the misconceptions about what surviving entails. (more…)

Gran Torino: Film Review

Muscle Car, Military Rifle: Modern Cowboy

Muscle Car, Military Rifle: Modern Cowboy

As I stepped onto the train that goes through one of my city’s many Chinatowns, I felt like the incarnation of a young Walt Kowalski. This display of demographic displacement vibrant diversity inspired me to write a few thoughts on the film. (more…)

Action vs. Reaction

I have given much thought to the idea of the rational actor. While an action stands on its own as a whole, complete and deliberate set of motions, a reaction stems directly from circumstances created outside of your control. This is where it intersects with manipulation. It would be fair to say that one who does not react makes himself less of a target for manipulation. Strings pull puppets.

A recent conversation with a friend gave rise to this question: when is one behaving rationally, and when is one being manipulated to react ‘rationally’ – in such a way so as to elicit the exact behavior desired by those who seek your manipulation? (more…)

The Right Side of History

Success may be interpreted as a combination of being content with one’s position and satisfied with accomplishments that are in some way recognised within a broader community. (I don’t recognise the authority of your LARP King – or your WoW level 42 dwarf existence!). I posit that being on the “right side of history” is an essential element to overcoming hurdles and taking advantages of the changes that occur on a major scale around the world. This involves a degree of luck for many who happen to be in the right place at the right time. What I am concerned with is how one can identify trends on a macro level within countries and around the world; socially, economically and ideologically, so as to profit from them personally. (more…)