Should we look to Eastern Europe?

Since the onset of the Cold War, the East/West dichotomy of Soviet despotism vs. Enlightened liberal democracy has been the prevailing narrative of politicians, historians and university departments. The unveiling of the nefarious activities of the NSA, the folly of U.S imperialism in ‘bombing the Middle East into democracy’, the West’s new found economic insecurity and debt crises, the string of State Department scandals and U.S political prisoners seeking asylum in Russia has all but obliterated this dated notion from minds of engaged dissidents.

Much like the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, the covert nature of the U.S progressive agenda has woven itself into every facet of modern life – schools, universities, the press, government and corporations. The same ‘liberals’ who decry religious education and homeschooling are the most diligent in ensuring their feminist, pro-gay, pro-immigration, anti-white and anti-Christian version of the past and vision of future is written into every policy, syllabus and PC witch hunt.

This is contrasted with the openly authoritarian nature of Russian statism. They do not hide their explicitly Orthodox, ethno-nationalist and Byzantine model of government. Whilst Guantanamo Bay has slipped from the public’s consciousness, scorn and outrage is manufactured at the treatment of ‘Pussy Riot’, the ugly gaggle of deviants famous for desecrating churches, perhaps unwittingly at the behest of the U.S and Brussels.

As Voices from Russia writes:

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias considers that Orthodoxy and political correctness in the modern Western sense of the word are incompatible concepts. “Many people are becoming Orthodox. Now, we see a growth in Orthodoxy around the world, and that is because Orthodoxy refuses to adopt political correctness. Wherever Orthodoxy does adapt itself to political correctness, it degenerates, it’s transformed”, His Holiness said on Saturday at a public meeting at the Dnepropetrovsk National Theatre. In his opinion, today, Western Christianity, especially Protestantism, is in “profound crisis” for this reason. “When the Church ceases to tell people clearly what’s good and what’s evil, it’s no longer needed”, he emphasised. The patriarch believes that if the Church ceases to teach the truth, it ceases to be relevant for people, they will declare its protests against so-called homosexual marriages and free love “relics of the past”. He went on to say, “If theology starts to serve politically correct modern philosophical and political fashions, it ceases to be fit, it ceases to inspire the hearts of millions of people”.

As the spiritual, cultural and ethnic preserve of Europe moves towards the east, notions of a left-right continuum in the West are defunct; there is only a centre and a periphery. Cracked actors don masks of Democrat and Republican, Tea Party and Greens; anything outside the Beltway is extreme. This paradigm shift is important to recognise; it is the uncomfortable acknowledgement of the failure of the conservative movement and all of the implications of it.

Thus is born the Reactionary, the Alternative Right, the Identitarian and the Radical Traditionalist.

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