STIHIE: So this is how it ends

Central to the theme of Treason and Treachery is the social and cultural decline of the West. Whilst there remains an elite that continues to preserve a form of high culture, the middle and lower classes are nearing the end of their trajectory from the folk roots of pop in the 50’s to complete cultural annihilation.

I recently stumbled upon the STIHIE series, specifically ‘Booty Wave’ which left me in stitches.

For anyone vaguely familiar with the music industry’s latest offeri
ngs, using the 90’s term ‘bubblegum pop’ as a descriptor is about as accurate as calling a meth-whore ‘a free spirit’.

A detailed breakdown of what is wrong with this drivel is beyond the scope of this post. Besides, it would take forever. The problem, as I see it, is that the music that this video is trying to lampoon is in fact far worse than its own parody. Prepare your delicate sensibilities to be violently assaulted:

(link removed – I didn’t want that image on my page – just youtube ‘lady twerk’ if you really want to)


Hehehe. TnT



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