Month: November 2013

This is not “The News”

I forgot how much I like writing. After I left school, I found myself writing less and less. I might send an email, or ‘write’ a report for my job. But it was always either recounting events or paraphrasing information. So much information. It’s an addiction. The problem with information overload is what to do with it. Information is great. It gets me excited. I’m not talking about the bus crash on the nightly news. Actually just about all mainstream media is trollop. I crave the analysis, the shades of grey, the lines that are drawn between the ideological divides.

What I realised I needed was a filter. How do you take what’s important, and work out how to turn it into something that you can act on, in your own specific circumstances. That’s why the headlines aren’t enough. They only give you the latest garbage that fell onto the intern’s desk. There are spelling and grammatical mistakes in every major newspaper corporation’s ‘articles’. But that’s not the real problem. They aren’t independent. It’s as simple as that. You will not hear the ‘real story’. But that hasn’t been my problem, since I hardly pay attention to mainstream publications. What concerns me is how to make the best bet with the information I that is available to me. It’s out there, there are tonnes of it. The internet has opened the floodgates of free and independent thought.

There are forces that operate in our environment. There is the ‘majority consensus’ that is supposed to govern how we live. There is government. There is the physical environment, the economy, technology. Then there are our neighbours, friends and family. Ironically, I have found the ‘neighbours, friends family’ group to exert the most ‘groupthink’ onto us.

I’ll be writing in later posts about the ‘generational’ vs ‘age’ gap. Those greedy baby boomers might just be the end of us all.