Welcome to Treason and Treachery!

I’ve been reading blogs for years, and have spent countless hours scrolling, immersing myself in the depth of analysis and discussion that occurs on the blogosphere. I started with the standard US style pro-liberty, ventured into the Survivalism/Prepper world for a while, then to the lifestyle design a la Tim Ferris, then to the Appmosphere, then the Financial Planning/Advising/Newsletter world and then to what is referred to as the ‘Manosphere’.

At different times, different areas appealed to me. When the long hours and drudgery of the Corporate world got me down, the ‘Four hour work week’ mentality really hit home. When I was a poor student, partying and driving everywhere, the anti-police state movement really got me passionate about liberty. What I’m trying to do is tie the whole thing together. I think a lot of young men in the western world have experienced the same powerlessness, frustration and anger with the world around them and the seemingly limited options available.

One of my greatest passions is wealth. Not being ‘rich’, having bling and ostentatious social markers or the snobby martyrism of ‘I don’t need to show my wealth so I drive a beaten-up Volvo’. What drives my interest is the concept. The idea that there is this intangible, bought and sold thing called known as ‘wealth’. It controls some and is controlled by others. It does not flow to the most talented or intelligent, the righteous or the worthy. It can be built up over a life given away working day by day, or come across by the sheer luck of a lottery ticket number or the ‘right’ parents.

I am on my own path to find value in the world around me. I know what my passions are right now: surfing, skiing, wine, eating, hunting, sunshine, wilderness and stimulating conversation. I know they will change in the future. What I want to find is my niche. My way of living, truly living, without all the compromises that we are taught to concede to at such a young age. This is why I write and I invite you to read about my experiences and ideas, comment and contribute.



  1. I stumbled onto your blog via a link on one of the alt-right/manosphere sites (probably RoK or Vox Popoli) and I absolutely enjoy your work. Please keep it up.

  2. Oh and our paths through the blogosphere are eerily similar.

    Not that you should care but mine went:
    Republican>Paleocon(Derbyshire)>Survivalist\Prepper>Libertarian(Lew Rockwell)>FreedomainRadio>Lifestyle design\Entrepreneurship

    Then my roommate (ironically a leftist at the time) turned me on to Roissy/Roosh/Manosphere and it all came together. Your synthesis of these strains of thought makes for some great reading.

    1. It’s curious that you also started Paleocon and went to LewRockwell libertarian. I was reading The Occidental Quarterly when I was 16, and became interested in ‘race realism’ before I had made LewRockwell.com my homepage at 21 and denounced ‘fascism’. Now I find myself again in the alt-right/neo-reaction/Identitarian/reactionary sphere – this time without the wild-eyed idealism.

      1. The common thread here is that we both embraced the alt-right at a much younger age than most. I’m 29 but I’ve rejected the prevailing ‘progressive’ dogma since I was 12 (during the Clinton years).

        I’m not an intrisically prejudiced guy so ‘race realism’ was forced on me from a young age by growing up in subsidized government housing. At school I’d learn one thing; on the bus/playground I’d experience reality. I dabbled in the old reactionary nostrums but found that they were largely irrational, whiny, and counter-productive. It was through good parenting, ‘race realism,’ and libertarianism that I discovered my ability to work with different people, eschew (most) petty resentments, and argue against those who want to dispossess people like us.

        The left and much of the right (christians, corporatists, etc) have been primed to oppose libertarianism and the alt-right. I believe that this is a huge mistake. The new reaction is growing and it’s far better for everybody that it takes the form of an intellectual/spiritual movement. The alternative is bad for everyone.

      2. I see it as more a form of positive self-identification in a modern world rather than a prejudice or xenophobia. I think the New-Right is in the same position as the left in the 20’s – overwhelmingly outgunned by the mainstream, yet entering a turbulent cultural, financial and political period that could cultivate a new form of spiritual consciousness. The alternative is indeed a dead end – there will be no singing of Horst-Wessel-Lied!

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